How to communicate your health app

On Monday we took part in Apps on Health, organised by App Circus and Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona Hospital, by sponsoring the daylong event and participating in round-table discussions and presentations. It was the first time the international conference Apps on Health took place in Europe and its objective was to explore new business opportunities in health apps. For us at innuo, it was a fantastic opportunity to share our healthcare communications expertise and discuss innovation within the sector.

Xavier Lorenz, innuo General Manager, participated in the round table discussion “10 steps to launch your medical app” and also formed part of the App Circus jury. Just before app competition took place, Amanda López, innuo Account Director, discussed the 4 key points to take in consideration when launching a health app: healthcare expertise, creativity, technology and strategic communication.

Xavier’s presentation was focused on how to communicate your health app and commenced by asking the question, why 1 in 4 mobile applications downloaded are never used again? One potential motive outlined is not having sufficient knowledge about the end user and their needs. For this reason, it is important to ask, does the app meet the user’s unmet needs?

When it comes to communicating the app, it is very important to have a target user who you want to reach. This can be done using a variety of communication channels.

Offline communication can be expensive, although must be contemplated as there are yet some healthcare professionals and patients who are not advanced internet users.

In terms of online channels, efforts can be focused on raising awareness of the app via online advertising (promotional microsites, banners or Google Ads), social media or blogger relations (pre-launch tests, free app downloads, etc).

It is also possible to put into action mobile marketing campaigns, such as app store SEO with the objective of appearing in the top 25 list. This can be achieved using key words, descriptions, etc. It is also important to consider mobile advertising, including banners, in-app ads, SMS or video teasers.

In any case, before deciding the correct strategic communication plan for your app, it is important to have a clear idea of your target. In addition, once launched it is important to maintain your user engaged by offering new and updated content, so your app does not end up being forgotten (next week we’ll discuss how to maintain user engaged by providing value-added, updated, novel content).


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